Democracy Through the Looking Glass

The Screening Room, Newburyport
Q&A after the film
76 min
Kevin Bowe
United States


The movie bridges the Americana image of democracy with the realities of today, exploring the state of media, the consequences of a generation of political polarization, and the impact of technology on political discourse. To explore these themes, the New Hampshire Presidential Primary acted as the field laboratory to observe and document behaviors.

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The Firehouse Center for the Arts

The Firehouse Center for the Arts is adjacent to Newburyport's scenic waterfront park. The Firehouse Center is a hallmark for local culture and arts. Programming is broad-based, and includes dance, music, theater, and art.

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Our venues

Newburyport Screening Room

The Screening Room is Newburyport’s gem of a cinema. This 99-seat theater has been running reels nightly since 1982. The Screening Room is one of the only places on the North Shore that shows independent and foreign films.

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Newburyport Public Library

The Newburyport Public Library occupies a historic federal mansion in downtown Newburyport. The Tracy Mansion has an impressive history of early guests including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams.

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