Last Man Fishing

Saturday, September 14, 2019
3:45 pm
Firehouse Center for the Arts
Q&A after the film
60 mins
JD Schuyler

Part of Troubled Waters Series

Last man Fishing (60 mins)

Recipe For Disaster: Green Crabs in The Great Marsh (6 mins)

The Last Trap Family (11 mins)


Narrated by best-selling author, Mark Bittman, LAST MAN FISHING tracks the personal stories of three small-scale fishermen seeking to stay afloat in a consolidating seafood industry. Filmed primarily in Alaska and New England, the documentary explores the dichotomy between the industrial extraction of the ocean’s resources and sustainable fishing methods that focus on conservation and quality.

Jig boat fisherman Darius Kasperzak struggles to make a living in Kodiak, Alaska as he works to protect his community from the influence of the industrial fishing fleet. New Englander, Tim Rider, leaves his job to become a full-time fisherman, finding opportunities in niche markets. Marsh Skeele, a fourth generation fisherman in Sitka, Alaska, finds a future in selling his hook and line caught fish direct to consumers.

Filmmaker J.D. Schuyler weaves a collection of intimate stories from coastal communities with expert interviews to portray the complex struggle between corporate giants and family fishermen. Produced in part by veteran filmmaker, Matt Wechsler (SUSTAINABLE), and featuring conservationist Carl Safina and author Paul Greenberg, LAST MAN FISHING calls to question the ethics of the seafood industry and its impact on small-scale fishermen across the United States.