Peace Out

Saturday, September 14, 2019
10:00 am
The Screening Room, Newburyport
Q&A after the film
Short Film - 39 mins
Dianne Steimel

Part of a 3 short film presentation "Wheels of Fortune"

Presented with Thursday Fields and Motorcycle Man


Sometimes a dream deferred, even one for 45 years, can be nurtured and brought back to life. In 2016 my husband Jerry retired at the age of 66 and promptly announced he wished to buy an old VW bus and drive it across the country. It seemed like an odd retirement plan but I learned he had attempted this earlier in his life at the age of 22, in a 1966 VW Beetle, and that journey had met with an ignominious end not far from his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. The idea of driving an old air cooled vehicle across country never died in him and he set off in 2017 in a 1973 VW bus which he hoped would take him from our home in Newburyport, Massachusetts across the country to the Pacific Ocean. While my initial response to his quest was “You go live in your old bus, and I will meet you wherever there is a nice hotel and spa”, I knew I wanted to find a way to support and participate in his dream. Peace Out captures the view he had from the large bay window of his VW bus named Zorba as he tries to finish something he started 45 years ago. I created Peace Out as a homage to his dream and to all dreams which sometimes get deferred but with perseverance can find new life.