Work in Progress: Eat Up

Saturday, September 15, 2018
2:00 pm
Newburyport Public Library
Q&A after the film

Local filmmaker Fiona Turner will screen a film currently in production Eat Up which looks at nutrition in Boston Public Schools. 

WHEN: Saturday, September 15th

TIME: 1:00pm - 2:30pm

WHERE: Newburyport Public Library

This is a free event to the public!


With the industrialization of cheap food, school lunches often resemble less a midday meal and more like something NASA may have sent up with the Apollo program.  Entrepreneur Jill Shah has less than a year to reinvent the school lunch and prove the model to win the right to expand the program throughout the city of Boston.

The biggest impediment to student achievement is not a lack ofqualified teachers, ADHD or the curriculum. In a city where 78% of publicschool students live on or below the poverty line, Boston’s principals,teachers and parents all say one of their biggest concerns is the most basic:hunger. 

In "Eat Up", an entrepreneur, an impassioned principal, a school food services director and a celebrity chef — along with a team of stalwart lunch ladies — embark on a journey to change the way kid seat. 

This is a story of power, food, and the future of children, and pushing to do the right thing in the face of unwieldy regulations and the bureaucratic machine. “Eat Up” ripples from Boston to cafeterias across the nation, offering a model for healthy eating and emphasizing the need to rethink the relationship between public sector and private enterprise in making change in one of our most difficult terrains: public schools.