Work in Progress - Workshop - FREE Event

Saturday, September 14, 2019
3:30 pm
Q&A after the film
90 mins


Filmmaker David Kleiler Jr. will screen excerpts from his film currently in production, Films in the Living Room, which tells the story of his father, David Kleiler Sr., a favorite film professor & eccentric film enthusiast. The film also explores the transformative power of film and people's deeply personal relationship to it. Feedback from the audience encouraged.

Many know Kleiler Sr. as the driving force behind saving Boston's famous Coolidge Corner Theater. Some know him as their favorite film professor. All know him as an eccentric film enthusiast who spreads a love of film wherever he goes.

Films in the Living Room documents Kleiler's current film club called the Salon Saloon that includes It also tells the story of his cinema-enmeshed life where he's had home screenings for nearly fifty years and lines between life and art always blur.

It's a movie shines the light on a microculture of film obsessives, but in a larger sense, explores the transformative power of art and people's deeply personal relationship to it. It also tells a story about how one man's passion, at once infectious and inspiring to so many, complicates his own career and family life.

David Kleiler Sr. dies earlier this year at age 79 after a life of influence on the Boston film scene and several years as a judge & beloved presence for the NBPT Documentary Film Festival.