Festival Filmmaker Interviews

Festival Filmmaker Interviews

Festival Interviews - Live with James

Festival filmmaker speak live with Festival Program Director James Sullivan

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Filmmaker Round Table and Awards

Round table discussion with filmmaker from teh 2020 Festival

The Art of Dissent

Interview with film director James Dean Le Sueur, researcher and camera person Susan Wood Pahlke and translator and researcher Alena Jirásek.

Can Art Stop a Bullet: William Kelly's Big Picture

Interview with William Kelly and filmmaker Mark Street

Can You Hear Us Now?

An Interview with filmmakers Jim Cricchi and Susan Peters and film Subjects Jennifer Estrada, Sheila Plotkin and Rebecca Clarke

Dope is Death

An Interview with filmmaker Mia Donovan

The Walrus and the Whistleblower

An Interview with filmmaker Nathalie Bibeau and the whistleblower Phil Demers

Short Film Block - Committed to Memory

Interviews with Michele Citoni (5x7), David Walker (Fill My Heart with Song),Patty and Ed Salier (Progress) and Polly Wells (We Began to Sing).


Interview with Cam Cowan

Note : the audio from Cam Cowan is not perfect but please bear with it.

Out of the Margins Short Film Block

Interviews with Tal Amiran (Dafa Metti), Christian Del Rio (For Ismet), Brian Redondo (Keep Saray Home) and Jessie Adler (The Boxers of Brule)

Adventure Short Film Block

Interview with Jack Gordon (Celestial) and Leigh Anne Sides (Myrtle Simpson - A Life on Ice)