“BUGS” Kicks off NDFF Year-Round Film Series

June 22, 2018

“BUGS is one of most compelling documentaries about food in the past few years.”

Have you eaten bugs? Would you eat bugs?? Some 2 BILLION people around the globe already eat bugs as a main source of protein. Are insects a mirror that reflects our broken food systems, or the silver bullet that will fix them?

For the past three years, a team from Copenhagen-based Nordic Food Lab, made up of chefs and researchers, has been traveling the world to learn what some of the two billion people who already eat insects have to say. In BUGS, film director Andreas Johnsen follows them as they forage, farm, cook and taste insects with communities in Europe, Australia, Mexico, Kenya, Japan and beyond. During their journey they encounter everything from revered termite queens and desert-delicacy honey ants to venomous giant hornets and long-horned grasshopper.