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August 2022

August 2022 Recommendations

This month in THE WATCH CLUB:

There will be no live Q&A this month as we get ready to announce the complete schedule for our 18th annual festival. Save the dates – September 16-18!

In the meantime, there’s always room for another documentary or three:

In THE LAST MOVIE STARS, Ethan Hawke leads us through a leisurely look (six episodes!) at the lives and work of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. In a recent interview, the actor explained his motivation for making the series: It’s a meditation on what “a meaningful, substantive life in the performing arts [would] look like… To have family, to have love, to be a part of your community, to be an ethical citizen, and to be dedicated to your craft, it is possible.”

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More WATCH CLUB Recommendations

DREAMING WALLS: INSIDE THE CHELSEA HOTEL tells the long, sordid saga of the New York City rooming house that was for decades a magnet for the Bohemian under from Dylan Thomas to Patti Smith. Until, that is, a developer scooped it up. The film checks in with the last of the eccentric residents as the building gets a remake as – what else? – a luxury hotel.

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MY OLD SCHOOL recounts the fantastic true story of Brandon Lee, a grown man who posed as a schoolboy in 1993 in Glasgow. Because the subject agreed to be interviewed but not on camera, director Jono McLeod pulls off an ingenious trick: He enlisted the actor Alan Cumming to lip-synch the hoaxer’s voice. It’s something to see.

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