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Bring Filmmakers to Newburyport

Help Enrich the Festival Experience

Bring Filmmakers to Newburyport

For most documentary film-makers, it is more about the passion for the subject than the financial rewards that could follow. Major festivals like the NBPTDOCUFEST play an important part in the documentary ecosystem by allowing selected audiences to view films prior to broad distribution. If a film-maker is very lucky and the film is good, they could link up with major distributors such as PBS, Showtime, HBO or even streaming players like Netflix and Hulu. But that comes after the festival circuit with much depending on how the film is received. Bringing the film-maker to town allows them to talk about their subject, the experiences and what it took to create the film - we want to help them do that.

The Friends of the Festival help cover the travel and accommodation costs of film-makers to come to the festival and speak directly to our local audience. The after-screening discussions have been highlighted by both film-makers and the Newburyport audience as a vital part of the festival experience.
Please support this very important part of the festival.

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The Newburyport Documentary Film Festival is a
501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
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