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Film Series Event at the Newburyport Firehouse for the Arts


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World-Class Documentary Events & Programs Year-Round

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Throughout the year you can also enjoy documentaries from home through THE WATCH CLUB. It is like a book club but with films.  We will suggest a documentary to view online through a streaming channel and then join us on YouTube for a live online interview, Q&A with a filmmaker.


Every Month

Sponsored by Dyno Records, this is the inaugural screening of the Newburyport Documentary Film Festival’s NBPT DOCU BEST Series celebrating their 20th anniversary, welcoming back an award-winning audience favorite, BATHTUBS OVER BROADWAY that opened their 2018 festival.

More info located here

*Film Series Event*

February 23 @ 6:00 pm

We kicked off our 20th season by taking our show on the road! INUNDATION DISTRICT is the latest film from Boston Globe environmental reporter David Abel.

This event was on Saturday, January 20 at the Modern Theatre, 525 Washington St., Boston. 

Our Film series held throughout the year is a curated collection of films sharing a theme or style.  

*Film Series Event*

Special Free Event

Our Preveiw event is held each year before our festival. This popular event unveils the festival's year line-up for the NBPT Documentary Film Festival. Hosted at The Firehouse Center for the Arts included a social hour and usually a filmmaker as a special guest with a Q&A.

Preview Event

August 22nd

Our festival event is held over a three-day period with screenings of features and short-form films.  Audience members are included in intimate discussions with the filmmakers and relevant experts providing the audience with a unique immersive experience.

Festival Event

Sept 20th - 22nd

Our visiting filmmakers engage in a moderated discussion and a Q&A about the art, craft and business of documentary filmmaking in our round-table event every festival  that is open to the public.

Round-Table Event


The YES event(Young Emerging Filmmakers) honors emerging filmmakers, presenting films by recent graduates from colleges and universities. A $1000 first-place prize is awarded to an outstanding individual for their contribution to the cinematic landscape.

YES Event


Filmmakers who are currently in production on their latestest documentaries meet and show a short segemnt of ther film. We have a lively disscussion about what works and ideas to improve.

Work in Progress



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